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Things I wrote at some point

(with varying degrees of ego, obsession, and inanity)

  1. “Meg, I give you the gift of your faults.”
  2. We all have Covid now: Extracting our minds from the grip of the virus
  3. We're Adam and Sarah Avenir now :)
  4. Death
  5. Community-minded leadership: ambition, empathy, Batman, and the fate of the world
  6. Married
  7. Tumbleweird succumbs to capitalism, hijinx ensue →
  8. Anarchists who deeply influenced my thinking about business, community building, life, and basically everything
  9. Christopher and the Purple Thread
  10. Quit
  11. The Suburbs are Broken. Let’s Upgrade the OS. (TEDxRichland)
  12. Apparitions of idealism and the ghosts of true self
  13. Conflict
  14. A brief history of a community in one corner of the Tri-Cities
  15. Do it anyway
  16. The Tyranny of Structurelessness (a tl;dr summary)
  17. Internet cafés
  18. The weight is a gift
  19. Turkeys →
  20. I quit caffeine
  21. Overwhelmed? Make a list of anxieties as questions, then forget them.
  22. That New Year's feeling
  23. Whether I'm good
  24. Hermit 2.0
  25. My favorite magic trick
  26. The new album
  27. Vagueness and values
  28. Just a person
  29. Then you should do it
  30. Frail
  31. I quit Twitter for a month and it completely changed my thinking about mostly everything.
  32. Oh please
  33. Intentionally tiny leadership
  35. Decisions
  36. Encouragement is amazing
  37. We'll always have Petritoli
  38. What if?
  39. Success isn’t a goal, it’s a tool
  40. The five stages of cognitive dissonance
  41. Capable isn't a strategic planning metric
  42. If you want to succeed in business, you either need money or a lack of it