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  1. “Meg, I give you the gift of your faults.”
  2. We all have Covid now: Extracting our minds from the grip of the virus
  3. We're Adam and Sarah Avenir now :)
  4. Death
  5. Christopher and the Purple Thread
  6. Quit
  7. Apparitions of idealism and the ghosts of true self
  8. Conflict
  9. Do it anyway
  10. The weight is a gift
  11. That New Year's feeling
  12. Whether I'm good
  13. My favorite magic trick
  14. Frail
  15. I quit Twitter for a month and it completely changed my thinking about mostly everything.
  16. Encouragement is amazing
  17. We'll always have Petritoli
  18. The five stages of cognitive dissonance
  19. Capable isn't a strategic planning metric

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